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Public Affairs

Effective Tools for Persuading Your Audience

WPAi has helped to guide hundreds of clients in the public affairs space, assisting with highly specialized modeling and survey work, to conducting qualitative intelligence among key stakeholders and narrow in scope universes.

We’ll employ our cutting edge tactics and expertise to help guide your effort on the mathematical pathway to victory.

Find out more about how we will revolutionize your data.

Issue Modeling

The core of our issue modeling program focuses on the development, delivery and assisted execution in the use of predictive analytics models that will identify the likelihood of every influencer or voter in your desired region in a host of key arguments in support of your issue set.

We score your predictive persuadable universe file, which then allows the WPAi team to identify audiences receptive and motivated by specific issue sets, and in turn, develop a messaging program tailored specifically for the program models.

Finding Your Actionable Audiences

In addition to our predictive modeling program, WPA assists our clients in building “online” and “offline” activist models – tailored universes of individuals who are likely to engage in efforts deployed by your program to encourage and drive supporters to participate in a host of tactical options to “encourage” their elected officials, leaders or other identified influencers to be in favor of the solutions your operation is aiming to pursue.

Online Activist Model:

A universe of individuals likely to engage in online activities in support of a cause or issue, including, but not limited to sharing content, contacting influencers, signing petitions, etc.

Offline Activist Model:

A universe of individuals likely to take traditional activist actions, including, but not limited to, making calls, signing petitions, writing letters to the editor, or contacting their elected official when driven to do so.

Tracking change

Moving the needle on an issue requires ongoing impact analysis – are we reaching enough people, and is our messaging working? WPAi deploys a full suite of tracking tools, including traditional survey interviews, short-form IVR interviews, digital data analysis, and online panels to feed ongoing voter modeling and simulation techniques show where each voter is moving.

This allows for unprecedented levels of data and detail for decision makers. An intimate understanding of how the race is evolving, why, and how to adjust strategy and tactics means you can maximize the chances of success.